Student Affairs Fast and Slow

Cockle, T., Jeong, E., & Graber, B. “Student Affairs Fast and Slow: How to Re-Train Your Brain for Effective Practice”

Workshop presentation at the Association for Christians in Student Development (ACSD) annual conference, Biola University, June 4–7, 2018

Workshop Abstract

Does your office have learning outcomes? To what extent are they integrated with the mission of the institution? To what extent do they affect daily practices? Even if so, the demands of our work mean these valuable conversations are rarely revisited.

Daniel Kahneman’s theories in *Thinking Fast and Slow* provide a way forward. His seminal work has changed the way the world thinks about human decision making and has much to offer the field of student development.

In this workshop, the presenters will leverage Kahneman’s framework to cast a vision for student development that draws on both fast (intuitive) and slow (rational) thinking. The presenters will then discuss what this framework means for assessment, educational philosophy, and daily practice.

The second half of the workshop will enable participants to put these frameworks into practice by reviewing current higher education research and case studies.