How Does Christ Animate Student Affairs? Results from a National Research Study

Glanzer, P. L., Cockle, T., Jeong, E., & Graber, B., “How Does Christ Animate Student Affairs? Results from a National Research Study”

Presentation at the Association for Christians in Student Development (ACSD) annual conference, Wheaton College (IL), June 3–6, 2019

Workshop Abstract

Christian colleges and universities have made tremendous strides in their effort to learn how Christ can animate different academic disciplines and practices; however, no one has attempted a national research study to ascertain, catalogue, and evaluate the state of these endeavors.  Our national research project has sought to undertake this task by discovering how Christ animates student affairs.  

This presentation will present some important results from our study.  We have organized our summary of our findings by using the following four questions.  1) Who are we and who are we trying to help students become?  2) Why are we doing it?  (In other words, what are our ends?)  3) What is the curriculum and the substantive wisdom regarding the true, good, and beautiful we hope to teach students? And 4) How are we doing it?  The results will focus upon how Christianity influences the answers to these questions.